New Fairy Tales. The Queen of Nature and a Velvet Eyed Prince


The queen stepped away from the edge of the balcony. The hem of her dress caressed the white marble in the swaying rhythm of her pensive stride. The scent of roses reached the transparent door in furtive breezes as the night wrapped the bedroom of the palace in its warm, friendly darkness.

A hand appeared on the door frame and the queen stood still, one step away from entering the room. A sigh, burdened with worries, vanished into the air. Her gaze lifted towards the crowds that glittered happily on the midnight sky, revealing her beautiful face with big, blue eyes shadowed by long lashes and surrounded by the rich waves of a dark hair.

She could feel the night shielding her away from all that was evil in the world.

Every now and then, something that felt like a sweet pain clouded her eyes. Where had that prince came from? She knew almost every great royal house and yet… the calm nobility and the imposing grandness that came from the unknown prince had left a vivid impression on her. Who was he? Where did he appeared from? How could it be that those piercing eyes and the mysteriously charming smile lingered on, like a careless weight, shattering her thoughts? The velvet eyed prince… that was the name she had, playfully, given him when she realized that she didn’t know which royal house he was of. Then came the dance, in fantastic whirls and endlessly sweet pirouettes, with a strong arm that stopped the graceful glide of her rich dress.

A gentle breeze played in her hair for a moment, taking her out of the revery. It was the Wind, who knew that it was time for his queen to rest and had come to her, as he did every night. She rewarded him with a smile and then lay in the whiteness of the pillows. The Wind breezed the drapes of the canopy that embraced the bed and its precious burden. Then, he crossed the balcony towards the grove of black locust trees and started to play a song of sweet whispers through the leaves. A wistful melody that would last until morning light…

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