Tina and Ella. The Invisible Man (Part 2)


(Part 1 here)

Tina hastily pulled her hand and stood back.


‘Hello!??!’, made Ella from behind her sister. ‘Hello is no good for floating books. Why hello?’

‘Hey!’ the nothingness answered back.

The little girls stared at the door. Or at the book. They took another step back.

‘Hello!’, Ella tried, unconvinced.

‘Hey!’, the nothingness answered again.

‘Tina! The Book floats. And talks. Books don’t talk and float.”

‘I don’t think it’s the book talking. I felt….a sort of… person, when I touched before.’

‘You felt a person?’

‘Yes Ella. Tina felt a person.’, said the nothingness again.

‘Who are you?’, Tina took control.


‘How do you know our names?’


‘How did you get in?’, Tina went on.

‘ …’

‘How long have you been standing there?’

‘Why can’t we see anything? And why is our Book floating?’, Ella demanded.

‘Ookeey! One at the time. I can’t answer anything if you keep asking.’ said the voice.

‘Ok. Explain!’, Tina allowed condescendingly.

‘Ummm… I am the Invisible Man.’

‘No kidding!’, said Ella.

‘However funny, that is my name. I came from the Invisible Land. A few of us can live in both worlds. Yours’ and the Invisible Land. However, when we are in your world, we look like yourselves. We are completely opaque, and resemble normal people. Except me.’

‘What happened to you?’, Tina asked.

‘I got stuck in your world in invisible form. I cannot go back to Invisible Land, without my visibility. You have to help me!’

‘Why us?’ Ella wanted to know.

Coming soon!


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