(New Fairy Tales) Tina and Ella. The Invisible Man (Part 2)


(Part 1 here)

Tina hastily pulled her hand and stood back.


‘Hello!??!’, made Ella from behind her sister. ‘Hello is no good for floating books. Why hello?’

‘Hey!’ the nothingness answered back.

The little girls stared at the door. Or at the book. They took another step back.

‘Hello!’, Ella tried, unconvinced.

‘Hey!’, the nothingness answered again.

‘Tina! The Book floats. And talks. Books don’t talk and float.”

‘I don’t think it’s the book talking. I felt….a sort of… person, when I touched before.’

‘You felt a person?’

‘Yes Ella. Tina felt a person.’, said the nothingness again.

‘Who are you?’, Tina took control.


‘How do you know our names?’


‘How did you get in?’, Tina went on.

‘ …’

‘How long have you been standing there?’

‘Why can’t we see anything? And why is our Book floating?’, Ella demanded.

‘Ookeey! One at the time. I can’t answer anything if you keep asking.’ said the voice.

‘Ok. Explain!’, Tina allowed condescendingly.

‘Ummm… I am the Invisible Man.’

‘No kidding!’, said Ella.

‘However funny, that is my name. I came from the Invisible Land. A few of us can live in both worlds. Yours’ and the Invisible Land. However, when we are in your world, we look like yourselves. We are completely opaque, and resemble normal people. Except me.’

‘What happened to you?’, Tina asked.

‘I got stuck in your world in invisible form. I cannot go back to Invisible Land, without my visibility. You have to help me!’

‘Why us?’ Ella wanted to know.

‘You have the magical touch. You visited the White Kingdom last year. You can pass magical portals to other worlds. In fact, I came to you because Ani and Carmen said you could help me.’

‘The fairies from the White Kingdom!’ Ella made.

‘How did you lose your visibility?’ Tina got back.

‘I visited the Magic Music Realm. Music has no shapes. One cannot go in with their visible form. So I entered. When I got back, it was gone.’

‘Did someone take it?’ Ella asked.

‘I don’t know. I don’t think so. Only I can use my visibility. Now, the only other places I can exist, is the White Kingdom, because of the fairies magic, your land and the Music Realm.’

‘How do you get it back, then?’ Tina pushed on to see what exactly she and her sister could do.

‘I need you to find the magic item. It will regain my visibility and I can go back.’

‘And what exactly is the magic item?’ Tina wanted to know.

‘Well, that’s the thing. I don’t know. I only know it’s in the Secret Chamber in a very old building in your realm.’

‘Huh..that’s not much to go….’ said Ella pensive.

‘And I’ve just arrived today, and tried to get your attention ever since.’ the Invisible Man went on.

‘Ooooh….so you messed up the cards?’ Tina asked.

‘Yep. And the scissors. And the mask.’

‘Aha! So, I did bring the scissors. I knew it’, Ella made with satisfaction. ‘So, why not come and ask nicely? Present yourself first and whatnot.”

‘Well, first off, I would have really scared you.’

‘Duh!’ Tina snorted.

‘Well, I would have scared you even more than I already did. And, I am forbidden to address the first word. I was to expect to first be addressed to. Magical restriction Ani and Carmen warned me about in the Real Realm. I had to make sure, you can really pass magical portals. And sense magical beings.’

‘How do you know that if we get the item, you will get your visibility back? You said you don’t know what happened to it?’ Ella asked.

‘Well, Tina, Ani and Carmen said that the magic item can summon my visibility back from wherever it is.’

‘Trust worthy. If you got it from them. So, how does it look?”


“The magical item? Is it small? Big? is it at least visible?” overcame the practicality in Tina, again.

“ I told you, I don’t know. We have to find an old building in your town.”

“Hey, Tina, do you think the old building is the City Hall? That’s pretty old.”

“I would say…I’m pretty tired.” she made with a big smile and an even bigger yawn. “Let’s revisit this tomorrow. Can you sleep down stairs on the sofa? Wait! Do invisible men sleep?”

“You don’t sleep?” asked Ella. “ Of course, he sleeps. I would be exhausted of so much trying to get the attention of people who can’t see me.”

“Emmm…actually, when I’m invisible I don’t need sleep. Nor food or water.”

“So, what, you’re just going to walk around the house all night? We still have our visible bodies, and we do need to sleep. In fact, by the yawning stretching around left and right, I would say, we need it very much!” said Tina.

“I’m going to take a walk into the city, check all the old buildings until you wake up. Don’t worry, tomorrow morning, you’ll find me sitting tight on your sofa.”

“Like we could tell if you’re sitting or standing.” Tina chuckled. “Come on, Ella. Let’s sleep. Tomorrow we need to find something indefinable in a unknown place for an invisible man.”

“Good night, Invisible Man”

“Good night, Ella. Nighty, night, Tina.”

“Hey, what happens if we can’t help you?” asked Tina while glancing towards the fluffiness of the pillows from the bed.

“I get stuck in your realm in invisible form.”

“Is that so bad? We can be friends!” Ella mumbled with sleepy eyes.

“If I stay for more than 7 days in your realm, my visibility will be lost forever. Then, I will vanish forever too.”

“All right! So we have until Christmas Day.” Tina said in a calm voice. Then she gently took her sister by the hand and slowly walked her to the bed.

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IVFinale here

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