Fairy tale with Toys and a White Kingdom (Part 1)

The little girl went to the mirror, made a cheerful grimace and winked herself. Her brown hair was more rebellious than mommy would have liked. So she tapped it with her hand, making it even more ruffled. Then she hasted outside the room, slamming the door against the wall. She ran down the spiral staircase, eager to get to dinner. The next day was Christmas. And she wished she could skip today and jump straight into the magical night.

In the dining room the table was already set and her sister was waiting patiently, sitting straight in her chair. Tina tried to calm her agitated breath and adopt an elegant attitude. As she took her seat, she threw an accomplice look to her sister. ”She didn’t comb her hair, yet again”, Ela thought to herself. But, despite the expected rebuke, dinner unfolded without incidents. Perhaps the parents were also caught up in the excitement of the following days, and were too busy or too amused.

Minutes after dinner, the little girls were sitting tight, against each other, on the large, beautifully set bed in Tina’s bedroom. They were whispering, although nobody was around.

‘Do you believe Santa is watching us?’, Ela asked, glancing furtively at the big, bright window.

‘Not sure’, said her sister, unwittingly imitating Ela’s look.

‘Think they can tell we’ve been going through the sweets?’, said Ela in a firm voice, suddenly preoccupied with more practical concerns.

‘Hmm, …think not… We’ve been careful to leave everything exactly the same.’

‘Anyway, maybe we shouldn’t do this when they’re out .’

‘Riiiiight’, Tina chuckled, ‘It’s not like we’ve been doing it every year and they haven’t got a clue!’

‘Hey, remember when we used to keep watch to see Santa coming with the presents?’

‘Yep. Me five minutes, then you another five minutes for about half hour. After which we’d fall sound asleep. Only to wake up to find the presents already under the tree.’

‘Time passes sooooooo slowly’, Ema whined. ‘Couldn’t today be tomorrow?’

‘Wouldn’t that be nice? ‘

‘Can’t we make it tomorrow?’

‘How?’, said Tina; her eyes bright with the anticipation of the game she was sensing being invented on spot.

‘Let’s put a dot to it.’

‘A dot?’

‘Yes! Let’s put a dot to this day. Make it finish!’

‘Yes, yes!’, Tina enthused, clapping her hands. ‘And how exactly do we do that?’, followed a grave question on a deliberately serious tone.

‘Well.. easy! We just put a Dot to it. Like so’, said Ela and stood up. She gathered her hands above her head. Then separated and lowered them in an ovoid shape. Then gathered them again, just above the bed. She straightened her back with her face flushed, smiling at her sister. ‘Like that!’

‘Yes, but it won’t work unless we put it together!’


‘Absolutely!’, Ela continued enthusiastically one of their favorite games.


‘No doubt!’


‘Beyond question!’

‘Nooo, not fair! That doesn’t count! There’s more than one word in it!’

‘And „no doubt” is one?’

‘Let’s just put the dot’, Ela gave in.

‘Yes, but no good on the bed.’


‘On the floor. So it can work’, the little girl exaggerated, with a specific emphasis that children often put into their games.

That said, the sisters rose from the bed and faced each other. They joined their hands and drew a circle of sorts in the air. After that they sat back, satisfied, after a job well done.

‘So, what do you think you’ll get this year?’, Tina retook the conversation.

‘I hope for a pretty doll with long hair, so I can try fancy hairdos every day! And you?’

‘Emmm…No dolls. Especially not with long hair. I wouldn’t have the patience to fix it. Plus I’m no good at it.’

‘I would do your’s too!’, Ela rushed to solve such an insignificant detail.

‘Nooo… I want an interesting game. Something that really captivates the imagination’, explained Tina in words that she didn’t fully understand. But heard ”the grown ups” use.

‘Anyway, let’s not rush with the discussions. We can’t tell for sure.’

‘I want a fairy costume’, Ela went on, ignoring her sister’s call to reality. ‘A full costume, with a dress and silver shoes…’

‘Yes, yes! And with a magic wand and… and… magic stardust’, Tina got carried away.

‘One that can cast spells!’, both girls said as one.

‘Hmm, but a princess one would do too’, Ela amended reasonably.

‘Yes. Still, a fairy one is nicer!’

The discussion must have went on, sliding on the miraculous slopes of assumptions and riddles. For how long, and what turns it may have taken, that we do not know. But, a while later, in the bluish evening, two little girls were sleeping in the large bed of a warm bedroom, surrounded by the sweet mystery of dreams.

Part II here.


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